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About us

Our Story

In 2017, owner Mario Garcia, experienced a series of health related events that led him to realize that the standard American diet (S.A.D) lacked nutritional value and our food systems needed to evolve if we wanted longevity for ourselves, our families, and communities. Microgreens, even though had been around longer than he'd been living for, recently proved through laboratory research that they contained up to 40x more nutrients than their mature counterparts and can be grown in urban areas. These findings sparked an idea that led to the creation of Coachella Urban Farms where the focus would be to grow high nutritional valued microgreens year-round and provide them to the community Mario was raised in. With 15 years in the food and customer service industry, passion to serve the community continues by growing high quality nutritional products that are local and fresh all year. Operating from a greenhouse of less than 350 square feet. We deliver to kitchen tables and restaurants within hours of being harvested. Coachella Urban Farms offers living trays as well as cut and packaged containers of microgreens while using sustainable and organic methods. Family owned and operated.

Located in Thermal, California.


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